On the 27th of May 2005 we, Ben and Nicôle Heerland, emigrated from The Netherlands to Sweden. We moved from a comfortable new home to an old farmhouse in the Swedish pine forests. Not only did we change the view, but we also changed our way of life. We gave up our careers, burned our bridges and left all security behind. Instead we chose freedom and a financially uncertain future as writers. This forced us to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Slowly but surely we started living by the "less is more" principle. By way of extension, we are dreaming of an of-the-grid and largely self-sufficient existence in harmony with nature.

Through this website we want to share not only the story of our emigration and change in lifestyle, but also our daily life and other adventures with family, friends and others who are interested.

We introduce ourselves on the page headed About us. There you can read about our personal backgrounds and what we stand for today. You can also see the pictures we published when our first blog went live in 2005. It's pure nostalgia!

On the page Our story you can read the short version of why we decided to change our lives, as well as everything that happened thereafter. The full version of our story is available in book form, but - until now- only in the Dutch language.

For more information about the books we have written, we refer to the page Bookstore. At the moment there are four titles available which bear our signature and there are more on the way. All of these are in the Dutch language, but one day we hope to publish some of them in English, too. By buying our books, you give us the support we need to be able to continue posting on our blog. We can not thank you enough ...

By following our Blog you can stay updated about everything that we experience. We shall not only write about our everyday life, but also share our deeper thoughts - dreams, ideals and reflections - and everything else about our ongoing journey into a different life.

Take a look at the page Pictures and videos to find links to our online photo albums and YouTube video channel. This enables you to see a great diversity of things 'through our eyes'.

We are still very happy that we have made the choice to change our lives and relocate to the High North. Here, we have not only created a better way of life for ourselves, but also found inspiring new challenges. We left the stress and competitiveness of our old life behind and found a more natural balance which suits us well. Despite all this, we have not reached our final destination yet. Although we are happy with the changes we have made and our current way of life, our journey to a different life still continues.

We are glad to be able to share our story and experiences and hope that they will inspire you, too.