We can be of service writing texts in the Dutch language, taking pictures and translating English and Swedish literature to the Dutch language. Our company is registered in Sweden under the name Noorderzon Communication and is in possession of a Swedish VAT-number.

Our texts and pictures have been published in/by amongst others:

- Nya Wermlands Tidningen,
- Värmlands Folksblad,
- Dalarnas Tidningar,
- Skaraborgs Läns Tidning,
- Sverige Radio P4 Värmland,
- Hagfors Kommun,
- Runners World,
- Nieuwsblad voor Castricum,
- De Castricummer,
- De Uitkijkpost,
- Seasons,
- Esta,
- Op pad and
- Huis & aanbod.

We give presentations about our emigration to Sweden, how we changed our lives and the books we wrote. These presentations are serious and informative, but not without a healthy dose of humour and self-mockery. And of course we answer all questions asked.

Do you want more information? Please visit our company website Noorderzon Communication or contact us - without any obligations.