Wednesday, October 3, 2012


September has been a month of transition. Summer left us, autumn made its entrance, and, one night just before the autumnal equinox, Jack Frost even pointed his icy fingers to us.

It all started with the flowering of the goldenrods. Each year, these plants are the last ones to show us their flowers. After that, we have to wait at least six months before the spring flowers start all over again.

Then the leaves of the deciduous trees started turning yellow and some of the birds started leaving for warmer places. The first ones we saw heading south were the Whooper Swans - relatives to the North American Trumpeter Swans. The Barn Swallows were the next ones to leave, but not without saying goodbye in a proper way by doing a few fly-bys.

Other species which have left us are the mosquitoes and black flies. We don't shed tears over that and have been using our outside kitchen more frequently than the past two months.

The weather hasn't been too bad, giving us lots of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and make beautiful walks, both in the vicinity of our house and farther away. We spent the rainy days doing all kind of - some of them long - overdue jobs and chores. Now that all of these are done, we can finally start working on the book - the third one about our emigration to Sweden - we intend to finish.

As I'm writing these words, the leaves have been falling in huge amounts and those still left on the trees have turned into all kind of beautiful colours but green. A few days ago, some parts of North Sweden got the first snow. Something that we have to wait for at least a few weeks more...

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