Thursday, August 23, 2012


Diary entry - August 8th.

Sitting at the lake side, suddenly, out of the corner of my eyes I see a rippling in the calm water of the lake. I turn my head to take a better look. Just below the water surface, something is swimming towards me. However, from this distance, I can not see what it is. I wait patiently and, after a while, the object of my attention crawls out of the water on a big stone in front of me.

It is a tiny toad. The little creature isn't much bigger than my finger nail.


  1. They are everywhere! I was out in the woods a week or so ago (hunting for mushrooms) and had to watch my step everywhere I went, there were so many tiny little toads. I found them enchanting.

  2. Jessica: This time of year, their presence is quite normal. But I have never seen as many of them as this year.

    Corree: I absolutely agree.


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