Friday, August 31, 2012


Two weeks ago, we made a trip to Stockholm. Not because we wanted to, but because one of my humans needed to apply for a new passport. Every five years, humans must do that. Dutch people living in Sweden have to visit the Dutch embassy - conveniently located in the Swedish capital - in person, to hand in their application. I find that somewhat laborious and complicated. After all, my passport has a life-long validity, though I must inform you of the fact that, a few weeks after I was born, I got both a tattoo and a chip, and therefore there can never be any doubt about my identity.

In Stockholm we parked the car in a narrow tunnel deep underground. My human wasn't at all happy having to drive there. After we left the car, I wanted to inspect every little corner of the parking garage, but my human didn't allow me to do so. As fast as I could, I had to follow her outside and only there she relaxed and laughed again.

There were lots of tourists in 'The Old City'. They were mainly interested in the old buildings and abundance of shops and sidewalk cafés. I, on the other hand, was amused by the many fountains. Water is one of my greatest passions. And while I was having fun, I entertained the tourists. At a certain moment, a whole bus load of Japanese tourists was taking pictures and videos of me.

This is the hotel where we slept. It lies in the vicinity of the harbour. In the little garden in front of the main entrance, I saw a hare. But, as soon as it noticed me, the animal raced away.

This was our room. In order to please me, my humans had taken my own bed with them, which I, of course, really appreciated.

Our room was on the tenth floor. We had quite a view.

At the embassy, I was allowed to accompany my humans inside. And why not? I do have a Dutch passport, too. I waited obediently until my humans had fulfilled all the formalities. After that, we made a long walk through the city centre. Despite all the bustle and noise, I remained my calm self. I walked along with my humans, digesting all the strange smells and impressions.

At the Royal Palace, I assisted this soldier with his guard duties.

Shortly after that, we witnessed the changing of the guards. They had a really funny walk!

We spent the last part of our stay in Stockholm in a big park. We sat in the shadow of the trees and had something to eat. Finally, it was time to go home. All the way back, I slept in the back of the car, dreaming about fountains and playing with water.

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  1. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading this. What a coincidence: I was at the same time in Stockholm for exactly the same reason.

    I love this city!

    But of course I'm much fonder of my home village.


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