Sunday, August 19, 2012

Berry times

So far, the weather has been unusually unstable this summer. Mr. Blue Sky hasn't showed his face as much as he normally does. Instead, we have seen a lot of massive dark clouds blocking out the sun, and, even worse, bringing us loads of rain. But hey, those impressive dark skies can be beautiful to see, too.

There have been days during which we got so much precipitation, that the lake systems could hardly cope with all the water.

Unfortunately, the lack of sunshine and low average temperature stopped the sweetening process of the wild strawberries and raspberries. There were lots of berries, but none of them tasted good. In fact, most of them had an awful bitter taste.

On the other hand, the cloudberries did very well. They were in excellent condition and we picked a lot of them.

We cooked them with some sugar in order to preserve them.

The golden marmalade tastes great with pancakes, yoghurt and cheese. And on bread, of course.

One day soon, we'll be starting on the blueberries. There are less of them than usual, but, fortunately, they taste all right.

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