Friday, July 6, 2012

To the mountains

The past couple of days, we made a little trip to the fjällen - Swedish for mountains which reach above the tree line. We made some nice hikes, during which Jeanny surprised us by trotting along easily, despite the - for a dog of her age and condition - long distances we walked. That we went up and down quite a bit, didn't seem to bother her at all. Of course we were careful to set the pace and take breaks with the capabilities of our old lady in mind.

We enjoyed the view and the many nice drawings of lichen on the stones and boulders.

Luckily for our dog, we came upon many places where she could freshen up herself.

Where there is water, there are toads to be found. This big fellow took his time to pose for a picture.

Higher up in the mountains, the heather was flowering. The one in the picture below is called Lappljung - Lapp heather.

Finally, on the north side of a slope at approximately 900 metres above sea level, we came upon some patches of snow which hadn't melted away, yet.

Shortly after making this last picture, we were in for a nasty experience which made an end to all the fun.

To be continued...

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