Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Killer black flies

Home again, we consulted the internet. We wanted to know what kind of insects had attacked our dog. It hadn't been mosquitoes, nor black flies of the kind that are common in the woods of Värmland where we live. 'Our' black flies are very small - not even half the size of the insects that pestered Jeanny - and their bites only cause tiny red dots - nothing like the bloody wounds we found on our dog.

This is what we found out.

In Sweden there are between fifty and sixty different kinds of black flies. The smallest ones about two millimetres, and the biggest ones a little bit over six millimetres long. Some kinds are very passive and others extremely aggressive. The differences between the various kinds are great. So it may happen that in one area the black flies won't bother you at all, while in another area they'll make life literally impossible for you. Finally, it turned out that the area where the attack took place, is known for it's huge and super aggressive black flies.

This knowledge explains what has happened. Jeanny was attacked by so called killer black flies. Strangely enough we weren't bitten at all, despite the fact that we had lots of these insects crawling on our hands and in our neck.

And something else: how lucky we are, that 'our' black flies are such softies...

Jeanny is doing all right now. Right from the start, she has ignored the countless little wounds. Not one time has she tried to lick or scratch the parts of damaged skin, which probably helped the healing process a lot. Good dog!


  1. Love your blog.I found it through Wilderness Dweller/Chris Czaikovsky.
    I learned from reading her blog that she won't go out there without her netting during the season of the dreaded fly. I'm sorry to hear about your trip getting bad. You sure had me sitting on the edge of my seat every day waiting for the end of the story.Hope everyone is OK now. I'm jealous of your life.Thank You for writing a blog for all of us to enjoy !

  2. Thank you for your kind words.

    We're all OK now, ready for new adventures ;-)


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