Monday, July 9, 2012

Insect attack

Shortly after having passed the patches of snow, we went over the ridge and started crossing a huge plateau. We followed a trail which led to a lake we saw lying in the distance. There was not another soul in sight. After a while, we took a break in order to eat something. We sat down, opened our rucksacks, and then it happened...

Within a few seconds, we hadn't even managed to take the food out of our rucksacks, Jeanny was covered with insects. There were hundreds of them. Out of nothing they materialized on our dog. We tried to wipe them of, but without success. When we discovered that our hands were covered with blood, we knew that we were in trouble.

We decided to leave the plateau. As fast as we could, we walked back and started the descend. Slowly, the amount of insects became less, until, finally, we could remove the last few of them from our dog.

Big parts of Jeanny's body were covered in bites. We counted to hundred and then gave up. The bites didn't look like 'normal' mosquito or black fly bites. They looked more like small tear wounds - like something had been eating numerous small portions of the skin. It was an ugly sight and we were really worried. Because we didn't know what to expect, we hurried back to the car. There we cleaned the wounds and powdered the damaged skin with talcum powder.

As it already was the last day of our trip, we loaded the patient in the back of the car and commenced the drive home.

To be continued...


  1. This reminds me of a time when Harley (my family's German shepherd, if you remember =) was in the backyard and was somehow attacked by an entire swarm of bees. He must've found their nest, because he was covered completely in bees / bee stings. Luckily, he got through it, but he was definitely whimpering, poor thing. Hope Jeanny made it okay!!

  2. That sounds awful, too.

    Luckily, your dog - like Jeanny - made it okay.


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