Sunday, June 24, 2012

Midsummer 2012

Another week has passed and the summer solstice lies behind us. From now on the days will be getting shorter until the darkest of times in mid-December. But with the whole summer in front of us, autumn and winter seem so far away that the thought of the already shortening days doesn't bother us, yet.

We started the week with the discovery that the mosquitoes and black flies were back, at last. Until then, we had been wondering when they would hatch. Sure, we had seen some of them flying around every once in awhile, but not in numbers worth to mention. That has changed, now. Huge amounts of these insects are swarming through the forests and over meadows, searching for blood. When outside, you have to keep moving. As soon as you stop, they are all over you.

During the week, we had some visitors from The Netherlands. First a couple which is planning to move to Sweden, later this year. And then, our old veterinarian and his wife - that visit really was a nice surprise.

On Midsummer's Eve, we didn't attend to the traditional activities in the village nearby, nor did we feast on typical Swedish Midsummer food. Instead, we went to one of the - many - lakes in the vicinity of our place, to give Jeanny the opportunity to do what she likes most: playing with water.

At the lakeside, we discovered a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers. It were some Tufted Loosestrife plants in full bloom.

Just take a closer look at these lovely flowers.

At home again, we found a four-leaf clover in our yard. And a second one, too. How lucky can we get?

Then we fired up our summer kitchen and baked homemade pizza for dinner. Not only did it look great, it was delicious, too!

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