Friday, June 29, 2012

Little mouse

One fine afternoon, a little mouse was foraging in our yard. Nicôle spotted the little animal, even before I did, as it came out from under the shed. I went down on all fours in order to have a closer look and managed to get really close to the tiny creature. It almost seemed as if it wasn't aware of my presence. For some fifteen minutes, I crawled side by side with the mouse, carefully studying it's every move. It was really interesting. Nicôle had a good time, too, watching me moving through the yard on hands and knees.

Then, the little mouse left our yard and strolled into the forest. There it started feasting on a mushroom. Recognising the species as being poisonous to humans, I wondered what to do, but decided to let nature have it's way. I can only hope that Mother Nature educates her children well.


  1. I have been reading your wonderful blog for several months (I think I may have stumbled upon it through Wilderness Dweller). Thank you for sharing your stories and pictures, which always make me smile. The little mouse is very cute! Let's hope the mushroom isn't poisoness to mice.
    best wishes from North Vancouver, Canada! Corree

  2. Thank you, Corree, for your kind comment.


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