Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tree hugging

First of all: tree hugging is not my thing. But when we, some time ago while dwelling through the woods, came upon a giant larch, I could not resist. I leaned against the tree and gave it a hug. And it felt very special.

Just imagine being one with a huge living organism which must be about three hundred years old. Imagine all the energy this tree must have created without polluting it's surroundings. Imagine all the things this tree must have seen and heard. And imagine all the other living things and creatures this tree must have nourished and housed.

The larch in question was standing in the middle of a big patch of forest which will be cut clear, one day soon. Fortunately, ribbons on the surrounding trees showed that the larch will be spared. Just as it has been spared a few times before. But, although it will not be the first time the giant has to witness mass destruction of all the living things around it, I am convinced that, this time, it will weep even harder than it has ever wept before...


  1. This breaks my heart. I have a certain fondness for trees, for the exact reasons you list here. At least in Sweden there is the law (I'm not certain on its particulars/don't quote me on this) where if you cut down 1 tree, you have to plant 2 more. At least that's what my Swede has told me.

  2. Yes, there are lots of laws and regulations. Replanting is one of them. And replanting is always done, because failing to replant means less future profit.

    Other regulations are meant to protect nature and objects of historical or cultural interest. Unfortunately, these regulations are not always met, because they cost money and therefore decrease profit. Everything looks fine on paper, but come over here and I will show you some fine exemples.

    What shall I say. It could be better and it could be - a lot - worse.

    Sweden can not do without the logging industry, that is for sure. But sometimes what you see, makes your heart break.


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