Saturday, May 26, 2012

Heat wave

This whole week, it has been sunny and warm. And as of Thursday, we are - by our own definition - undergoing a real heat wave. Both yesterday and today, it has been merciless hot. Only a few minutes ago, the temperature in the shadow dropped below 30 degrees Celsius again. In the sun, it has been a whole lot warmer. It was almost unbearable. It is hard to imagine we are not located in the tropics, but in the high north - as far up as the 60th parallel north.

Because of the heat spell, and the huge amounts of rain which preceded the warm weather, everything out there in the woods is changing very fast. All the deciduous trees are bearing leaves and grasses, flowers and herbs are rapidly shooting out of the ground. Everywhere you look, everything has turned green.

Some animal species thrive in this kind of weather, too. The snakes and salamanders have come out of hiding and soon the mosquitoes and black flies will be all over the place.

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