Sunday, May 20, 2012


Some time ago, we found two Goldcrests sitting on the ground in our driveway. They were in a sorry state. Their eyes were closed and their feathers were sticking out in all directions.

One of the little fellows was just looking miserable.

But the other one was in a far worse state. Every now and then, the little body started shaking and trembling and it seemed like the tiny bird would surely die. It was almost heart breaking.

A bunch of feathers on the car window showed us what probably had happened. The little birds must have crashed into the window at full speed.

After a while, one of the Goldcrests took off and flew away, seeking cover between the branches of a small spruce. There it stayed, watching us carefully. And then the other little bird followed. Although it did not manage to get up high into the air, it kind of flew away, too, and found shelter between some shrubs and bushes.

We decided to leave the Goldcrests alone and went away to take a walk. When we returned, the two little birds had vanished. We sure hope they have survived.

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