Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trip to The Netherlands

I have made a short trip to The Netherlands. Here are some pictures.

After having entered Germany in Kiel - I took the ferry from Göteborg - I steered my car upon the Autobahn and headed for Holland. The first hour and a half, I drove behind this truck. And believe it or not, I reached my destination in The Netherlands without getting caught in traffic jams or being delayed in any other way. For those who are not familiar with the German language, the text on the back of the truck reads "The Lord is my shepherd...".

Along the route in the northern parts of The Netherlands: wind turbines where ever you look. The once beautifully open horizons do not exist anymore. I don't like it at all. Sadly, the same development is taking place in a lot of places in Sweden, too.

Here is something I like, daffodils in bloom. There are a lot of bulb fields near the place where we once lived.

More beautiful flowers, hyacinths this time. The last four weeks before we moved to Sweden, we lived in the apartment building in the background to the right. That was during the same time of the year. We could not complain about the view.

The beach at Egmond aan Zee. Lots of good memories.

On the way back, leaving the harbour of Kiel.

And sailing away from the German coast.

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