Friday, April 20, 2012


It feels good to be home again.

It took me two days to get over the fatigue caused by my short and rather hectic journey to The Netherlands. Luckily, al it took was to go to bed in time and get a good night's rest. The peace and quiet - which stand in glaring contrast with all the turbulence and noise I was exposed to in Holland - around me did the rest.

But something is missing, though. Last Tuesday, Nicôle left for The Netherlands. Unfortunately, circumstances - no, nothing to worry about - forced us to pay a visit to our native country, alas not together and also shortly after each other. So I was barely home, when Nicôle drove to the airport, boarded a plane and took of for Holland, leaving me behind alone. Well, not quite alone. Jeanny is keeping me company, and together, we are having a good time.

But yet, it is clear to me - these two weeks are proving that - that beautiful experiences and happiness are worth at least twice as much if you can share them with someone you love.

After a long walk, Jeanny is taking a nap in the back of the car.

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