Friday, March 2, 2012

Wake up call

When I wake up, it's still dark in the bedroom. I have no idea what the time is, but judging by the amount of light pushing it's way past the curtains, it isn't long till sunrise. I turn over to my other side and stay in bed. Dozing in a world of silence.

Then I prick up my ears. Through the windowpane I hear a bird calling. High and clear the piercing tones are breaking the silence. The bird increases the volume, and then turns it down again. After a short break, there seems to be an answer. Pitch and timbre are totally different from the call. And the volume is more at a constant level, rather than going up and down. Then all becomes quiet, but it doesn't take long before the initial call sounds through the air again. While the sun rises and more light finds it's way into the bedroom, the two birds continue their duet. Until, all of a sudden, four or five - as far as I can judge by their different sounds - other birds join the concert.

It is the first time at the end of this winter - it isn't spring by a long shot - that the birds start the day with an early morning concert. And I am enchanted by this beautiful wake up call.

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