Saturday, March 10, 2012

Having fun

Today, we take the car with the intention to find a place where my feet still have grip, so that I can run around freely without hurting myself. After a short drive, we discover an unplowed road with a snowmobile track going over it. The track is firm enough to bear us and, because it is covered with a little bit of snow, not slippery either. It is exactly what we are looking for.

We have just got out of the car. All my attention is focussed on what my human has got in her hands: her gloves.

Before she knows it, I tear one of the gloves out of her hands. I run away with it, and, after some twenty metres, I drop it on the ground.

Then, I walk away from it, pretending I am no longer interested.

But, as soon as my human gets ready to pick the glove up from the ground, I quickly turn around and snatch it back again.

And I am gone again. My human just misses out.

Not before we are on the way back to the car, I return the glove. I have had a jolly good time. And I hope my human had fun, too.

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