Monday, February 20, 2012

Three-toed Woodpecker

Last Friday during our end-of-the-morning walk, Nicôle got so impressed by the frost covered world around us, that, after lunch, she took the camera and went out to take some pictures. This turned out to be a good idea. Not because she came back with the pictures she had intended to take, but because of an unexpected meeting with a - in this area - rather rare species of bird. And it got even better, because the bird did all it could to let Nicôle take some nice pictures.

It was a Tree-toed Woodpecker - Picoides tridactilys. Until that moment, neither of us had ever seen this species.

Contrary to most other woodpeckers, the Tree-toed Woodpecker has - as its name already says - three instead of four toes. Furthermore it lacks the - for many other woodpeckers characteristic - colour red in its plumage. The male bird has a yellow cap and both genders have a wide white stripe running down their back.

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