Tuesday, February 28, 2012


For six days in a row, it has been warm, with, during the day, temperatures of well above the freezing point. As a result of this, a huge amount of snow has melted. And while a small percentage of the melt water has evaporated, most of it had - the ground still frozen solid - nowhere to go. During the nights, the temperature dropped below zero, causing all this water to freeze again. So snow turned into ice, and at this moment all the roads, paths and yards are covered with a thick layer of that extremely slippery stuff.

This means that the most difficult and dangerous part of winter has arrived. When walking outside, we must be very cautious not to fall and bruise ourselves. Or even worse, break a bone. Our dog Jeanny is only slightly better off. Having four legs instead of two, seems to be an advantage under these circumstances, but for her it's difficult, too.

And what about moving around on four wheels? When driving with spiked tyres - as most people around here do - just keeping your speed down, is all there is to it, if you want to stay in the right track. But some people are too stupid to understand even such a simple thing. They drive like crazy and end up beside the road, sadly enough, exactly at the place where our mailbox stands - er... stood. Yesterday morning, I found the remains of what, at least until before the weekend, had been our mailbox stand. And if only the perpetrator had left a little note saying 'sorry' or, even better, stating his or her intention to pay for the damage he or she caused... But alas, that would have been way to decent.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your mailbox! It's a shame sometimes when you realize the indecency of people. I, too, would rather walk away with my life by driving slowly than to get somewhere 2 minutes faster.

    This reminded me of my grandmother (farmor), she lives out in the country in the US and every single year the snow plow ends up demolishing her mailbox. A neighbor of hers ended up just getting a Post Office box at the local post office since her box was always run down.


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