Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shovelling snow

For two consecutive nights, it snowed, so both yesterday and today, the first thing to do after breakfast was shovelling snow. We had to clear the yard and the driveway to the main road - a distance of well over hundred meters. Lucky for us, beside a pair of snow shovels, we have a big snösläde - does somebody know the English word for that?


  1. A google indicates "Sleigh Shovel" (

  2. I'm not quite sure if there is indeed a word in English for it. It definitely snows where I'm from, yet I've not seen one of those in the US. Of course I've seen them all over and in the stores here in Sweden, but literally translated it would be a snow sled. I would just call it a giant shovel! ^-^

  3. Thank you Par & Jessica.

    I think "sleigh shovel" fits rather well, so I'll go for that.

  4. In the state of Maine, USA, we call this a snow scoop.

  5. Thank you Cheryl.

    I have checked and the all-knowing Google confirms that this must be the common name of the 'device'.

    Thanks again for helping me to expand my English (US) vocabulary.

  6. Glad to help with the English vocabulary. You have helped mine by telling about the Swedish torch and the Julbock. Best wishes from Maine.


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