Friday, November 18, 2011

November walk

There are so many beautiful things to be seen here, every day again. The past few days, roaming in the forest, I took some nice pictures.

View over a misty valley. It has a kind of fairy-tale beauty.

Ice in a roadside ditch.

A blown down aspen. Moose have eaten the bark of the trunk. Leaves and branches of this tree are one of their favourite foods. Normally, moose do not eat bark from living - standing - aspen trees. But as soon as one lies on the ground...

A close up of the lower part of the trunk. You can clearly see the grooves which the moose's teeth have made. It must have been a tough job, for moose only have front teeth in their lower jaw.

This clump of grass - a little bit heart shaped - brings some colour in the, at this time of year, pale and colourless forest.

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