Sunday, October 16, 2011

Surgery - 1

After my visit to the doctor, I came home with a fine red and yellow bandage on my foot. As you might have noticed in the picture, it looked great. And even more important, I could easily run with it. Well, at least during the first day after the accident.
On Thursday, my injured toe started to hurt again. I avoided walking as much as possible and on the few occasions that I really had to go outside, I kept the walks as short as I could.
Then came Friday and the visit to the doctor in order to have the nail removed. As soon as the bandage had been taken away, it became clear that my toe was inflamed big time. And believe it or not, that was excellent news. Removing the nail would be so painful though, that I had to be put into a state of total anesthesia. While my humans explained that I would have to go to sleep, the doctor put a needle in a muscle of my left hind leg. I whined because of the pain. Then the needle was gone and so was the pain. Soon, I became dozy and when my humans told me to lie down, I obeyed them at once. Everything turned into a blur and the light went out...

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