Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pure wisdom

The day before yesterday at about half past one in the afternoon...

We have just gone out for a long walk. It is chilly, a cutting wind is blowing and a light rain is falling. I close the collar of my coat as high as possible and put my hands in my pockets to keep them warm. I am glad that I am wearing a cap. After a few minutes on the move, we beat the cold and warm up. Every now and then, we exchange a few words, but most of the time, we just enjoy the stillness of the forest and the pleasure which Jeanny - who is smelling, tracking and running around like a puppy - so obviously derives from the walk.

Then Nicôle says that it makes her happy just to see our dog having so much fun. Pure wisdom, I know exactly what she means.

Only a short while later, the raindrops change into tiny snowflakes and it does not take long before everything is covered by a thin layer of snow. Then it is already over again. It stops snowing and within a few minutes, the snow melts away.

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