Thursday, October 6, 2011

Looking for new adventures

I have not posted for a week now, but not because nothing did happen. On the contrary, quite a lot of things have happened. Some of these things were so 'big' that they took a lot of time and energy. And although I managed to keep our Dutch blog up to date, doing so with the English version just proved to be too much. I am sorry for that and now I will be trying to catch up.

The most important news is that we have decided to sell our property. But we will not leave the vicinity. When we have sold Lilla Laggåsen, we will move into a house about a kilometre from here. Our new house stands in an open place in the forest and although we will be leaving the most beautiful place we know, we think that we, on the whole, will be better off. We will be changing from an old house - with all it's pro's and con's - to an almost new house. Beside that, it is smaller and fits us better, too. By making this swap, we think that it will be easier for us to combine our daily routines with the care for Jeanny. And - at least as important - we will be in a much better position to fulfil our future plans and dreams. You can read more about those in the posts in the 'introduction' category.

Making the decision to sell Lilla Laggåsen was not easy. After all, it is - and will forever remain - that very special place where we started our new life and had lots of exciting adventures. But still, it is all right. It is time to move on, looking for new adventures.

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