Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mosquitoes and black flies

The majority of the Swedes like summer more than winter. Or, to put it differently, they love hot weather and hate the winter cold. Most of the Swedes can think of only one advantage of winter - and that is a popular joke with minus 30 degrees Celsius: "det är myggfritt - there are no mosquitoes".

One morning, a few days ago, I observed that the mosquito-free period was over. I had just left home, when I - without previous warning - was bitten on the neck. I tried to kill my assailant but was too late.

During the rest of our morning walk, Jeanny and I were accompanied by a number of mosquitoes and black flies, persistently buzzing around our heads. Only by waving my hands even more persistently, I could keep them from biting me.

Although the situation may seem severe, it isn't that at all. Not yet, anyway. At this moment, the insects are still limited in number. But some day soon, hundreds of billions of them will be swarming through the Swedish woods.

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